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How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication


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  • Margaret Jeffery

    I am not a new user. I have had login to CMS for months. But in spite of numerous requests to sort our the problems with setting up 2FA, I'm am still not able to login and do the work we're paying for. Linton Partington has set up his 2FA. We originally all used the same login as there are three staff members trying to populate your site with our artists and exhibitions. Now we have three. They are and and

    But only Linton has 2FA at this stage. Every time I try to set it up Artsy either doesn't recognise me or doesn't have an active hyperlink on the Setup button for 2FA. I'm going crazy with frustration.

    Please help sort this out urgently. This is the fourth day we've been going around in circles.

    Margaret Jeffery


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